Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

USA.......woooohooooo indian native america,cowboy and nat parks

WEST USA............wooohoooo....indian native america,cowboy.....national parks

Fly with All Nippon Air,awesome meals both J Menu and Western Menu.All of us like them very much.Soba mi,the noodle served only at summer time,cold,light,fresh,simple but....very delicious.We take a transit in Tokyo for  8 hours that,s why we rent a room at dayroom Narita.Near Mc D and a japanesse resto.

At 5 pm we fly to Los Angeles and arrive at 11 am. Using Fly Away,cheap,clean and good we arrive at Union Station which near the our hotel in Chinatown. We perefer to choose this hotel because close to Union St,close to mini market,close to Chinesse Resto, so no problem at all.

First day surly take a rest . Adventure started at Universal Studio Hollywood which can be reached by red Line for only $1.5.Bought Front Line were very effective since we don't waste our time,almost all already been rode.

2 nd day until 4 th day we spent at Anaheim......wonderful Disneyland. Both parks were excited for us, and Vico always try to get the FastTrack....he is the best Daddy in the world.Tired....very tired.....but we enjoyed. Our hotel located across the gate of the park, near Mc D and many resto,even Pizza Hut is inside the hotel. And.....there is a laundry coin which very useful for us.

5 th day we come back to LA by Amtrak and visited Pueblo Monument, an indian mexican community.I never have a dream to see the real indian dance, this was the first time.....after that we saw several indian dances in another locations.

6 th day for 8 days after we joined Seagull tour to explore Arches Nat Par,Yellowstone Nat Park,Grand Canyon buy Hualapai Conservation Nat Park, Mt Rushmore,Crazy Horse,Bear Country USA,Mormon Temple. We pass through many states, California,Nevada,Utah,South Dakota,Wyoming,Idaho, and Colorado.We  pass through Mojave Dessert,Las Vegas,Richfield,Buffalo,Denver,Salt Lake City,Jacksonville....wow....many things suddenly happened to us.....inside west coast USA.

We went with a big bus, 59 passanger,most of them are Chinesse and all of them are USA citizen except us and a family from Taiwan. Ian was our tour leader.This tour was very strict, start at 6 am and finished at 8 pm.

Grand Canyon was very great....we walked at the Skywalk.Hot....hot.....hot.......but indian meals were very good.

Come back to LA, we went to Catholic Church....very pleasant to always come to Him even we were abroad. After Mass we went to Hollywood,took a starline tour which pass through celebrity's home such as Madonna,Elvys Presley,Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars........nothing special at all. Also visited Madame Tussaud.

We continued to San Francisco by Amtrak....took 1 day trip but since we were not in a hurry so we enjoyed.........visited Pier 39,looked at wild elephant seals. Yosemite Nat Park,El Capitan,waterfall,seqouia tree....big and old tree.

Then enjoy our Mass again at St Peter and Patrick Church in SF.Just after Asiana Airline get a crashed,the day after we flied back to Jakarta via Tokyo. Bad hotel at Tokyo...we don't like the service.

We get a jet lag even after 4 days arrived at Jakarta,but........these were very wonderful experiences......we will come again USA.