Senin, 13 Januari 2014

Magelang,another side

Magelang,another side

        Dec 22, at 12 am we started to our journey as usual....visiting grandpa and grandma.Usually we did't get any trouble,the journey would take around 8 hours. But now,even no seriously traffic but the journey took 14 hours.....we arrived at Magelang at 4 pm from north side. Hotel Sriti was our choice to stay...we took a family room plus 2 extra bed.The room was quite big for us,2 adult 3 children who grow up as teenager.

         Dec 23, we visited their grandpa and grandma,they were very old but very fit.Opa was 88 yo and Oma 10 years younger. They can still work and doing anything by themselves.Thanks God....You give them good healthiness. We spent our time by chatting for everything.

          Dec 24, we went to Kopeng, a recreation area at Mount Merbabu  that we come here every year.Nothing was different.But Elcy can ride the horse by herself,no more afraid. Then we look at the waterfall,small one,no special. Riding the ATV was another option to spend our time.Elcy and Nathan were very enjoy....Elco was very busy with his mobile phone.
At night around 9 pm we joined the Christmas Mass,the first time  we joined the night xmas. Last year we still joined the celebration mass for children,now we joined the other one.

          Dec 25, we moved to another hotel,named Villa Sumbing.....around Mount Sumbing. The owner is French who married with local people,so most of the guests came from France. The view was nice, the swimming pool was very fresh water....never feel like that. Since it was a villa, so the kid always afraid to small insects. We decided to came back to Hotel Sriti. Luckily the owner let us cancel since they understood that nothing can do by the kids.But the kids enjoyed the dinner very much...french style all out. Dec 26 we spend our rest time after check out to relax.

          Dec 27, we went to Pindul Cave at Wonosari which are very famous. This was a river cave,so we used the floating  as a tubing to come inside.Wow....many people came there maybe thousand in the holiday season.This cave offered us to have a new experienced......looked at stalagtit and statalgmit,bats and feel the cool water....was very nice. After tubbing, we went to Oyo river and rafting.This river is easy to be rafted.....very safe for the children.  Even at first they dididn't want,scary,afraid,don't want to be wet....and many thousand the end they enjoyed to swim in the took a open van to bring us go back to the pool.Mr Yadi was our experienced guide,and he was very very good.

         Dec 28, we just visited my grandma's cemetery and sure vbisited my mum and dad again.

         Dec 29, we started to go back to Jakarta from south side. We passed Purworejo,tried the black cendol which very good. Kebumen,Mira 's hometown...and we decided to take old road made by Daendeles hundred years ago.Small road...we prayed for all th soul who died made this road......i heard their crying,their sad sounds....feel their blood..........then we enjoyed Karangbolong Beach  after passing Suwuk and Logending beach...all are south beach who has wonderful waves and still wild. Karangbolong was very famous with their story about the bird's nest climmbing man.....traditional climber who were very brave....but i don't agree with them because they stole the nest.

We took 18 hours to reach Jakarta...long   long...journey make us decided another way to go back again next year........howewver indonesian's nature was ....was....was......two tombs.